The only thing more powerful than this flavor combo is the science behind this incredible drink mix! Add a scoop to 8 oz. of water, tea, a smoothie or your favorite beverage for the instant kick you need to take control of your day.

Every drop of BrainJuice has been evaluated and carefully selected for its ability to enhance cognitive function. This high-quality liquid supplement was artfully crafted to boost brain power for improved memory, focus, clarity, and mood. An energizing jolt of green tea provides alertness without the jitters or subsequent crash of other caffeinated beverages. You also get the added bonus of a quicker absorption time so there is no waiting to start being effective, alert, and productive. Our invigorating peach-mango flavor is the perfect balance of natural sweetness and juicy ripeness you would expect from biting into these luscious fruits.

Whether you are in the boardroom, classroom, or laundry room BrainJuice will allow you to be present, mindful, and efficient.

Savor the day and unleash your potential! Success is just a spoonful away.