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Wellington International, Winter Equestrian Festival Announce BRAINJUICE | BRAINJAVA’s Elevated Dynamic Partnership

November 19, 2023

Wellington International, Winter Equestrian Festival Announce BRAINJUICE | BRAINJAVA’s Elevated Dynamic Partnership

BRAINJUICE Wellington International U25 LogooWELLINGTON, FL – Wellington International proudly announces the expansion of its collaboration with BRAINJUICE, the trailblazing natural brain health supplement company. This esteemed partnership heralds a new chapter for the 2024 and 2025 show seasons, promising to elevate the competition and spectator experience to unprecedented levels.

"We are absolutely delighted to expand our partnership with BrainJuice," said Lenore Brown, Director of Sponsorship at Wellington International. "Their commitment to wellness, creativity, and innovation mirrors the spirit of the equestrian sports community. Together, we're not only elevating the competition experience but also fostering a nurturing ground for the next generation of top-tier riders. This collaboration underscores our dedication to the sport and our athletes, providing them with exceptional opportunities to shine on a global stage. We look forward to the incredible synergy that the coming seasons will bring, both in the arena and beyond."

Wellington International hosts the distinguished ESP Annual Series Circuit through December 31, 2023, and will feature BRAINJUICE as the Title Sponsor of the $226,000 Holiday II Grand Prix CSI4*. This marquee event, now branded with the innovative spirit of BRAINJUICE and its new natural coffee and tea products, BRAINJAVA, is scheduled to enthrall audiences on Saturday, December 16, 2023, offering a spectacle of equestrian prowess paired with the vibrancy of BRAINJUICE’s commitment to cognitive excellence.

The Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) will shine even brighter under the auspices of BRAINJUICE as an Official and Major sponsor. BRAINJUICE proudly claims the Title Sponsorship of the BRAINJUICE Under 25 Grand Prix Jumping Series, which reflects a shared vision of championing young, promising riders and providing them with invaluable opportunities to advance in the prestigious ranks of FEI-sanctioned events. The BRAINJUICE Under 25 Grand Prix Series consists of six weeks of U25 Grand Prix classes, including WEF 2, 4, 6, 8, culminating with the $50,000 BRAINJUICE U25 Grand Prix Series Final during WEF 10. Crowning the series, the top-placed rider will not only receive a significant prize from BRAINJUICE but also an invitation to compete at an FEI Event in Europe, symbolizing the global opportunities that arise from this competitive series. This aspirational path is made possible with the support of The Dutta Corp., ensuring the series’ impact resonates far beyond Wellington’s prestigious grounds.

“Our team at BRAINJUICE has set out to bring brain health to the world.  Once we set brain health for the world as a goal of the company and brand, we must focus and create partnerships that are aligned on exactly this goal, and also a symbol of elevated intention and purpose.  Wellington International understood our purpose as a product, and our collaboration in elevating equestrian sports at the Winter Equestrian Festival has an organic integration of promotion and focus on both brain wellness and self-care in sports.   BRAINJUICE is proud to partner with Wellington International to bring first class experiences to the sport, the audience, the athlete, and of course we are aligned on our love for the horses”, said Lisa Ellis, CEO and CMO of BRAINJUICE and BRAINJAVA.

The WEF competition calendar will be further highlighted by BRAINJUICE new natural Coffee and tea products, BRAINJAVA, sponsorship of a week of CSI 2* Classes during WEF 11, including the $37,000 BRAINJAVA CSI 2* Classic and the $50,000 BRAINJAVA Grand Prix CSI 2*, events destined to attract top riders and enthusiastic audiences.

Off the field, the partnership enriches the overall event ambiance with the sponsorship of the BRAINJUICE Beachside Cafe during the Saturday Night Lights series. This destination will not only cater to the taste buds of attendees with delectable offerings but also serve as a testament to BRAINJUICE’s investment in the equestrian lifestyle. BRAINJUICE and BRAINJAVA will also offer their range of products in the International Club, Tiki Hut, and Global hospitality.

For more information on Wellington International,visit wellingtoninternational.com

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