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BRAINJUICE is a liquid all natural dietary supplement designed to give your brain a boost. In addition to essential vitamins, our BrainPower Blend contains nutrients your brain needs to produce the essential chemical neurotransmitters the brain sends to the body and organs; acetylcholine and dopamine. Acetylcholine provides the support necessary for focus, clarity, and memory. Dopamine contributes to motivation and good mood. BRAINJUICE also contains organic superfoods to provide antioxidants.  BRAINJUICE caffeinated products contain organic Green Tea Leaf caffeine. BRAINJUICE does have decaffeinated products, and also BRAINJUICE KIDS is decaffeinated. BRAINJUICE is flavored naturally and sweetened naturally to provide a great taste along with being effective.

BRAINJUICE also contains organic superfoods such as organic açaí, organic blueberry, acerola cherry, and the highest-quality, all-natural vitamins B5, B6, B12 (methylcobalamin), and C, all in a green tea base for added antioxidants. Naturally sweetened and flavored, BRAINJUICE is as delicious as it is effective.

For most people, the benefits from BRAINJUICE will last six to eight hours. The formula was created to work immediately so you can feel more clear-headed and focused right away. Those who use BRAINJUICE regularly also notice a cumulative benefit with improved brain function and clarity over time.

BRAINJUICE was created to avoid jitters and the sudden crashes that can be the result of high levels of sugars and high doses of caffeine found in many sodas and energy caffeinated beverages. We researched and evaluated each ingredient and then chose them based on their nutritional merit. For most people, the only side effects of BRAINJUICE are improved mood and increased productivity.

The BRAINJUICE Original 2.5 oz and the Daily BrainPower Mix options contain 75 mg of organic Green Tea caffeine, which is the equivalent of about a half cup of coffee. However, the body needs more than caffeine to feel awake. Green tea combined with the vitamins and nutrients in BRAINJUICE help you feel alert, but also focused with a renewed sense of energy to get things accomplished. BRAINJUICE balances our formulas with L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid in green tea known for its calming effect.
If you are sensitive to caffeine, our decaffeinated versions are a great option for you. BRAINJUICE decaffeinated products offer the same brain-boosting benefits as the caffeinated products.

BRAINJUICE uses the science of neurotransmitter production and nutrition to develop the BrainPower Blend and vitamins used to give BRAINJUICE its effectiveness.
Throughout the day, neurotransmitters are naturally depleted as we concentrate, focus, and go through daily life. Diet, sleep habits, and lifestyle choices may additionally deplete neurotransmitters. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy, and more. BRAINJUICE is designed to counteract those effects by using nutrients that repair this depletion of neurotransmitters. BRAINJUICE focuses primarily on replenishing acetylcholine and dopamine. Acetylcholine provides focus, clarity, and memory. Dopamine provides motivation and a good mood. BRAINJUICE is laboratory tested, adapted, and continuously evaluated so you can feel safe and full of promise using it.

BRAINJUICE and the ingredients used in the product do not conduct any testing on animals and does not contain animal derived ingredients. BRAINJUICE is suitable for vegans and a formal vegan certification is currently in progress. 

BRAINJUICE is manufactured in an FDA certified and approved cGMP facility. All ingredients and manufacturing follow 21 CFR Part 111 regulatory requirements.

All nutrients in BRAINJUICE products are independently tested by third party labs. All products are safe and effective. 

BRAINJUICE is not Kosher Certified.

Although BRAINJUICE is a natural dietary supplement. If it is your first time consuming BRAINJUICE, you may decide to start with half a bottle. Our dosage was designed with both your safety and effectiveness in mind. Most people will require the full bottle to feel the effects. If you are on medication or in the care of a physician, it is always best to share with your doctor.

While every person may respond differently, most users notice the benefits within 5 to10 minutes. 

Just twist the top to open, drink, and become more clear and focused.
For the BRAINJUICE Daily BrainPower Mix, add one scoop to 8-10 ounces of water, tea, smoothie, or your favorite beverage for an instant boost.

Just like you use food to fuel your body, BRAINJUICE fuels your brain, which is the smartphone to your body.  We tailored BRAINJUICE to provide optimal brain function that can feel different to each person depending on their daily needs and experiences. BRAINJUICE works for everybody, regardless of your job or situation.

No it is not. Energy drinks provide a quick jolt of energy and a spike to your bloodstream, but ultimately leave you feeling depleted both mentally and physically. Energy drinks often have high levels of sugar and caffeine to spike energy, but do not provide nutrition.  BRAINJUICE is not intended to create unhealthy spikes or debilitating crashes to your energy levels. BRAINJUICE has harnessed the power of whole-food nutrition to provide energy and clarity while keeping your health, safety, and productivity intact.  

The wear and tear of daily stresses of life, unhealthy lifestyle, not enough sleep, drug and alcohol use, poor diet, and lack of exercise all cause neurotransmitters to deplete, leaving the brain and body unable to produce neurotransmitters required to juggle the daily needs of a person. This depletion can cause difficulty concentrating, lack of energy, bad moods, extreme stress, and even feelings of anxiety or depression. BRAINJUICE works to reverse this depletion by replenishing the brain, supporting cells, and providing nutrition to the brain by providing a concentrated nutrient dose to rejuvenate naturally the building blocks needed to produce more essential neurotransmitters. We always recommend exercise, healthy diet, and healthy sleep habits that can also dramatically affect your life for the better at work and home.

BRAINJUICE is available in many health, nutrition, and grocery stores. Visit our store locator to find a location near you.

We recommend not exceeding two servings per day. If you are drinking more than one, be sure to space them out as the effects from a single dose of BRAINJUICE can last between 6 and 8 hours. Alpha-GPC enhances cognitive function, but higher amounts in your system can actually make you feel tired.

Some of the ingredients used in BRAINJUICE Daily BrainPower Mix are naturally hygroscopic, that is, they absorb moisture from the air. This can result in clumping. Clumping does not affect the effectiveness of BRAINJUICE. Clumping does not mean the product is bad.
The following steps can be taken to remedy the clumping in your current canister of powder:

  • Store the canister in a cool and dry place.
  • Always secure the lid tightly back on the canister after use, not enabling air or moisture to enter the canister. 
  • Store BRAINJUICE Daily BrainPower Mix in the refrigerator.  This is suggested particularly during summer months, or in regions or climates that have high levels of humidity.(Most powdered products have the tendency to clump if exposed to air and moisture)
  • If stored in the refrigerator after clumping. Remove the canister from the refrigerator and use a fork to break up the clumps. The powder can also be blended in a blender or food processor to break up any stubborn clumps.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your BRAINJUICE experience, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team via email at: info@naturalbrainjuice.comPlease include the following information to expedite the process:

  • Name and email address
  • Where the product was purchased (, Amazon, retail store name and location)
  • Order number if purchased from
  • Receipt if purchased from Amazon or Retail Store
  • Description of issue

Any refunds issued will be returned to the original form of payment. Please allow 5 business days to process refunds once issued. If requesting a refund for an order placed on Amazon, the process must be initiated through the ‘Your Orders’ section of your Amazon Account. Subscription cancellation requests must be received prior to the subscription renewal date to be eligible for a refund. 

All refunds will be processed within 72 hours of receiving the returned goods. After a return has been processed, allow up to 5 business days for the refund to occur. Amazon returns will need to be processed via Amazon Consumer Returns, and in accordance with the Amazon policies.

One full bottle is the recommended serving. BRAINJUICE Original products have 75 mg of Green Tea caffeine. There are two decaffeinated options in our CLASSIC and Peach Mango flavors. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we recommend starting with half a bottle to make sure the caffeine level is comfortable for you, or try our Decaffeinated Original formula in CLASSIC and Peach Mango. We recommend drinking one full bottle daily and not more than two bottles per day. BRAINJUICE Immunity products have 75mg of organic Green Tea caffeine. BRAINJUICE ACTIVE formulas contain 111mg of organic Green Tea caffeine.

One of our most frequently asked questions on this website, “Is BRAINJUICE safe for children”?  We created BRAINJUICE KIDS.  BRAINJUICE Kids is formulated for Children 5 years and older.  It contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals for children 5+. Additionally, BRAINJUICE KIDS has our Immunity Power Blend that has an additional pack of vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E to provide not only support to the brain, but additional immune support too!  BRAINJUICE KIDS is decaffeinated, and offered in a delicious Organic Dragon Berry flavor. BRAINJUICE is a natural supplement, however, we recommend that if your child is taking medication or under the care of a physician, you should always share with your physician so that the doctor can take your child’s specific needs into consideration.

All of the ingredients in BRAINJUICE have been independently tested by third parties and have been shown to be safe when taken as directed. Our Original BRAINJUICE BrainPower blend contains 75 mg of caffeine from green tea, or about the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee. If you are limiting your caffeine intake, we suggest our decaffeinated products.  BRAINJUICE Original Decaffeinated CLASSIC and Peach Mango flavors offer all of the same great benefits, minus the caffeine. We do always recommend checking with your doctor or child's pediatrician before taking BRAINJUICE so they can help address any specific conditions or concerns.

BRAINJUICE is unable to give advice on interactions with medication or specific medical conditions. Because everyone's situation is unique, we recommend consulting your primary care physician with questions regarding BRAINJUICE and its possible interactions with medications you are taking.

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