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Introducing…. BRAINJAVA, a NEW collection of delicious ready-to-drink Coffees and Teas that are formulated to TURN ON YOUR BRAIN naturally! This meticulously created collections of Coffees & Teas are fortified with our proprietary BrainPower Blend to supplement your brain daily.
Coffee and Tea are both two of the most consumed beverages on earth.  We decided this is a good reason to provide the vitamins and minerals your brain needs daily to support cognition, brain function, focus, clarity and mood in a great tasting serving of coffee or tea! Contains 90 mg of caffeine, a natural Alpha-Glyceryl Phosporyl Choline complex (Alpha GPC), Vitamin C, Vitamins B5, B6, & B12, Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine.  

Made with fine high quality fair trade Arabic Coffee, highest quality of custom blends of Asian Teas, and a delightful Lavender from France; BRAINJAVA will delight even the most decreeing coffee and tea drinker while boosting cognitive performance. BRAINJAVA Coffees and Teas are Vegan (using Oat Milk in Lattes), Glyphosate Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Low in Natural Sugars, and 100% Natural.